Force 110 PTP - Now with GPS Sync!

When we introduced the Force 110 PTP product late last year,  a lot of people asked whether we could support GPS Synchronization with the product.  With the official posting of SW Release 2.4.2,  it does.  Anyone who has purchased the product can simply download the new SW and they will have the option of running the product with GPS Synchronization turned on.  GPS Sync can be a very useful feature for PTP links when you want to co-located multiple PTP links on the same tower.  You will not be able to do frequency reuse across the radios like you do with the PMP implementation,  but you can co-locate them with smaller guard bands. 

The SW release has the added bonus of enabling this mode of operation with up to 10 Subscriber Modules connected.



We have just been using Force110 along came with the GPS unit (Unictron). Can you send me proper mounting of the GPS unit and where it should be properly positioned during the assembly process.

Thank you.

The external attachment that comes with the radio is just the GPS antenna, the GPS itself is internal.  The Cambium sector antennas for APs include a hatch in the top to hold the GPS antenna, but the Force110 does NOT have any specific features engineered for the GPS antenna.

Best for any GPS antenna is laying flat with as much of the sky directly visible as possible.

If you can only mount it vertically, using it's magnet base to stick it to the dish mounting brackets for example, you will probably do fine.  If it can only see half the sky, you'll probably be fine.  If you stick it somewhere with metal all around it, you'll probably fail to derive stable sync.

Just check the GPS status to be sure you're both seeing and utilizing 4-5 or more sats.


we've seen much better SNR from the GPS antennas facing up, not flat  by facing up i mean the little wireless symbols facing to the sky.


Then where would you recommend to mount the GPS kit. Is it water proof and that i can just stick it outside the dish.

we stick the magnet facing up above the pipe clamp seeing as much sky as possible.


And yes, it is waterproof.