Force 180 Access Point Wifi Mode


I've got a pair of preconfigured Force 180 devices, Firmware 3.2, later upgraded to 3.2.2.

During testing I configured one of these to Radio Mode "Access Point", Driver Mode "Standard Wifi" and WLAN enabled, alternatively disabled. Management ID has changed to a static IP address and I connected it to my local LAN. Frequencies have been set manually around 5560 Mhz, 40 MHz channel width.

I used a tablet, configured SSID and password and could connect to the WiFi network, but didn't get an IP address from the DHCP server in the wired LAN. So I gave the tablet a fixed IP address and configured DNS and gateway manually.

However, I was not able to connect to my local LAN through the Force 180. Radio link is stable over short and long distances, but no data traffic possible.

Are there any restrictions in WiFi mode?

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When the Access Point Mode is set to Standard WiFi, configure this parameter:
Enabled: The ePMP AP operates as a WLAN device and allows any 802.11 client to connect to it within a 1000meters radius.
Disabled: The ePMP AP operates in Standard WiFi mode to allow outdoor 802.11n clients to connect to it at longer distances. This mode is typically used to migrate non-Cambium SMs deployed at longer distances to ePMP SMs.

Could you please clarify whether you have issue with traffic with you tablet or Force 180 running in SM mode?

Thank you.

Hi Fedor,

thanks for your reply. I've already tested both settings. Problem stays the same.

I didn't make a test with the second Force 180 in SM mode yet, only with tablet.

But it should work with any client device, shouldn't it?

Regards Konrad

Yes, it should work.

Did you configure gateway for your tablet?

Thank you.

Yes, I did. But there seems to be no communication between the Force 180 and the tablet. The Ping utility in the Force GUI is able to ping into my LAN, but when I ping the tablet I get no answer.

Is your  tablet's IP in same subnet with your LAN?

Thank you.

Yes, same IP and same subnet.

I've checked in Lab with 3.2 Release and it works for me.

Could you please contact me at and I will try to solve this issue.

Thank you.


Well, after a support session it turned out that 40 MHz channel bandwith didn't work not with my standard wifi devices. AFAIK I had tested 20 MHz bandwith, too. But I am not sure and also it is possible that I used a wrong channel setting when I tested 20 MHz setting.

However - everything works fine and thanks Fedor for the quick and professional help!


Can you please guide me how to set ONLY 1 force 180 to wifi standard so cellphones, tablets and laptops can hook to it and have internet access..

I have done the basic setup but no success on devices picking up the SSID on any device..

I want it for outdoor for at least 500 ft


Hi, i have veen using tplink to connect to ap around me(including my phone), i drcided to get the cambium force 180 and it has really frustrated me cause i cant seem to understand how to connect to any ap around me

Hello everyone! I did the necessary configurations, but I still can’t connect any device except for an SM, since other 802.11n clients I can’t see the SSID and much less connect. There is someone that can provide some configuration guide or similar? Regards, JC.

I find wich was the problem, it’s the channel selecction, and the force 180 only works in 5GHz (Layer 8 was the problem in my case XP).

to add to this for anyone else who plans to connect standard N devices to these radios.  

these radios can use channels that are not within the standard ranges on N spec.   BE SURE to select a channel that is considered a standard channel otherwise devices like phones and computers will not see it. 

other radios like cambium devices will be able to find them, but only devices that are designed to fully use the band.   

here is a reference list of standardized channels


Yes, It’s was I see when I check the specs about the antenna! I complete forgot about this. Regards, JC.