Force 180 Antenna Losing Package

Good afternoon, I'm having problems with an antenna that is connected via network cable and Wifi at the same time. I have 2 antennas in a pole where one receives the signal coming from the Master and I connect the cable of her in a switch where I connect a second antenna of the switch and transform it in a Master 2. What happens is that the one that is receiving the signal of the radio without the network cable works without any problem, but when I connect the network cable from time to time it gets down and then retrieves the signal again. And passes like this all day loses the package and after a few seconds recovers. What could be causing this? Is it incompatibility because I'm using the wifi and wired network at the same time? Thank you

Sorry I am having trouble understanding your setup and issue. Any chance you can quickly draw what the setup looks like and where your having the issue? Also can you note the signal strength for each?

Good evening my friend, I realized that the antennas are with their fimware outdated. I will update everything and test and if still the error persists I put here but detailed with a drawing for a better understanding.