Force 180 average distance and POE

Hello Everyone,

Im looking at upgrading to the force 180 but im curious about the distance everyone gets? My farthest customer currently is 8km away from the access point. Theyre on the pmp100 gear with a satellite dish. For a shot that far, would i need something like the force 200 5ghz with the dish? Also, would the force 180s work with the old motorola POE injectors? Or do they need to use the one that comes with it? Im not too concerned about gigabit connectivity but more or less swapping pre configured CPEs on the roof whether the customer is home or not


For 8km, I would recommend the Force 200 just so you have a strong signal level resulting in higher throughput. Best way to know is to use LINKPLanner and play around with the different models to see what best suits you. 

Both the Force 180 and Force 200 can be powered with the old Motorola/Canopy PoE injectors and yes, you will be limited to 10/100 FE. 



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