Force 180 DFS issues

Can I bring this back to the Force 180 Antenna… I would like to get some help with force 180 having dfs issues. Like ninedd, I have multiple setups using force 180 as an AP for ptp or ptmp with other force 180 antennas for outbuildings, barns etc.

Now I have multiple setups of this for many customers that are in the same area, for example I have a customer in a ptmp setup, using a dfs channel and has been setup for a couple months now and has never had a dfs hit/had to use the alternate channel. I have recently setup a customer 1 mile from the aforementioned customer and I am having dfs issues… this is one of many situations where I have some working perfectly where others are not. You would think if two setups in the same area would be subject to the dfs hits.

Do you have a force300-16 handy? Put this in the same place as the f180 that is acting as the ap, do a full spectrum scan on detailed mode. Leave it for a few days and check it when a dfs hit happens.

If it is a true dfs hit then you will see a wide band(about 50mhz wide) of very high power. Then you can select a direction for the AP that does not see this signal and possibly choose a channel and power level that makes the desired link but not so loud as to pickup a neighboring system.

Thank you for your reply… I dont have a force 300-16 and I hear what you are proposing but my only argument is that I have deployed a ubiquiti ptp between 2 nanostations in the same area and they are flawless in dfs channels. Needless to say I think I am straying away from force 180 in these deployments.

We can’t necessarily use Force300’s where we’ve used Force180. Cambium removed the TDD AP mode in the Force300 series. In all the ePMP 1000 / 2000 series (Force 180/190/200 etc) we could use any SM, and it would work as a Non-GPS AP.

When the Force300’s came out, Cambium removed the TDD AP mode from all the SM’s. There is a PTP AP (Master) mode for a single SM, but no way to use Force300’s where we have always used Force180’s or Force200’s or ePMP1000 Connectorized SM’s. No more TDD AP, no more MicroPops, no more client WAN on their farm, no more wiring in their security cameras via Cambium gear.

So - the solution is to use Ubiquiti for these deployments.

I did not say replace, I said place and use the SA. The 300/3k radios have a much better SA mode. This is a temporary thing to see what is going on and being able to see that will give you a clue on how to fix it.

Ok, fair enough. I apologize, I was trying to help DigitalMan, not to go through the exercise of replacing the Force180 with a 300-16 and then finding out they no longer work as a TDD AP.

So, that is the unfortunate reality - we need to choose between which set of missing features are needed more.

Anyway - fair enough, I apologize, I misread your advice. I will be quiet now.

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I have put a ubiquiti ptp in dfs in the same area and have zero dfs hits… I am no longer bothering with force 180 for these types of deployment, im switching to ubiquiti.