Force 180 help

I purchased a force 180 and I cannot get it to work properly. At the receiving end it cannot find an IP address. I need help.

If devices are set in bridge mode, it should respond from the address
Additionally, if you connect devices to cnMaestro in the cloud, you will see what address the device received.
Describe how you have set up this connection?

First of all let me say I’m not a computer whiz. I did connect the one end directly to a lan ethernet plug-in on my router. The other end is connected to a BP device. And it continually comes up that cannot find an IP address. I did double check and switch out cables to make sure it wasn’t the ethernet cables that was the problem. I’ll see if I can connect it to CNmaestro in the cloud. I think that’s the only thing I haven’t tried. The units are definitely communicating between each other and I have really good connection

AP device. Not BP. Darn autocorrect

Furthermore when I type in 192.168 .0.1 or .2 nothing comes up on the browser.

Pls try connecting Force 180 directly to laptop. Configure laptop IP as
You can open Force 180 using on browser.
Once you logged in , check the IP address on Monitor>>Network page
In your case the IP may be taken from DHCP server.

Finally got around to working on these radios again. I tried again, no metal buildings in the way, and still the laptop tells me that its connected but no internet. No IP address. not sure what else to do