Force 180 over-heating

We have one 180 that is acting weird. It’s only 1/4 mile from the tower and runs just fine EXCEPT when the sun shines on it. It’ll go all wonky from the time the sun hits it until the sun starts to set. Anyone else ever see a problem like this? I can’t see what the internal temp of the unit is since, as far as I can see, there is no reporting in the setup screens. We’re going to replace it with a Force 200, but I’d like to know if this is an on-going issue with these. We’ve had no other units behave like this.

It appears that the client’s ROUTER wall wart was overheating. I still don’t get WHY because the wall wart was hot to the touch but when the sun went down the router started working again. I guess it was just one of those weird things that drives us all crazy. We replaced the 180 anyway and replaced the router power supply and all is good. So from now on, we’ll need to ask if the router power supplies are HOT before we tell the customer to get a new router. They may just need a new wall wart.