Force 180 POE w/ HP Switch?

Can I use a ePMP Force 180 PoE with a HP ProCurve 2910al PoE Switch?

I have 33W per port available.

If it's an 802.3af/at standard PoE switch (which I'm assuming it is), no, it won't work. The reason being, that the Force 180 needs 30 volts, or less, and standard PoE is 48-56v.

The short answer is no!
However, if you really want/have to, then the following is useful.

Is it an Alt A/B issue...? Power is carried over the cabling using two techniques: Alternative A and Alternative B

Ethernet Interface 10/100/1000BaseT, Compatible with Cambium PoE pinouts (V+ = 7 & 8, Return = 4 & 5) and Standard PoE pinouts (V+ = 4 & 5, Return = 7 & 8)

Cambium -              Alt B is 4/5 & 7/8 (spare pairs)

Our POE Device -   Alt A is 1/2 & 3/6 (along with the ethernet data)

Specifications PoE 802.3af Type1 PoE 802.3at Type2

Power at the PD 12.95W 25.5W
Maximum power using PSE 15.4W 34.2W
Voltage range(at PSE) 44 to 57 50 to 57
Voltage range(at PD) 37 to 57 42.5 to 57
Maximum Current 350 mA 600 mA
Maximum cable loop resistance 20 Ohm with cat.3/Cat.5 or better 12.5 Ohm with cat.5 or better

Its wrong votage as well.

Force180 is 24v, standard poe is 48

so.. is passive PoE Device.  EOT