Force 180s as Standard WiFi Clients - Not Connecting to cnMaestro

Hey All,

A few weeks ago we deployed 12 ePMP Force 180s in standard wifi mode connecting wirelessly to a Cisco Meraki MR84 access point, then each of the 12 Force 180s connect via ethernet to an R190W wireless router.  Through the wireless router we're able to achieve close to 100 Mbps uplink/downlink speeds (tested using internet speed test results).  Each of the Force 180s connects to the Meraki AP with RSSI values between -50 to -60.  The SMs and the R190Ws each pull IP addresses from the Meraki's DHCP server on the network.

The issue I'm having is that the Force 180s won't onboard to cnMaestro (Cloud) but the R190Ws have no problem.  Using the ping utility, the Force 180s have no problem pinging cloud.cambiumnetworks(dot)com.  

The Force 180s are all operating on 4.4.3, the R190Ws are operating on 4.4.2-R2.

Scratching my head with this one!  Will the Force 180s not communicate to cnMaestro without first connecting to an ePMP access point?



Hi Nathan,

I guess it is not a supported configuration. cnMaestro relies on the tree view of Tower-AP-SM and in your setup you don't have Cambium AP.

Do you have any particular reason not to use Cambium AP?



The client that we provided and installed equipment to is an education facility.  Traditionally they've used Cisco equipment throughout their various schools, part of which includes the Meraki equipment installed to serve WiFi. 

They'd installed the MR-84 access point on the roof of one of their schools in an attempt to serve WiFi to 12 nearby teacher residences.  Due to the inherent limitations of trying to connect all of their end-devices at that distance, we recommended that they install the ePMP equipment to act as the interface between the access point and the residences, and ultimately terminate into wireless routers to serve WiFi to the houses instead.  

The circumstance now is that the client has invested their money in these Meraki access points.  They have them at each of their facilities.  If it were my decision, they'd definitely be using Cambium access points for the application.



If you have not posted this in the cnMaestro forum, you may want to do so. The cnM guys may have a work around for you, especially since the 190's are reporting.  

Thanks CWB, I'll post this over there!


Workaround, setup force 180 to be an access point, onboard on cnMaestro then change mode to wifi in force 180.
After that you should be ok…


Ooooh.  This is good.  I'll give this a whirl with a test unit.

Unfortunately it seems not to work.

I configured a Force 180 as an access point and let it pull an IP address on our office network and zero-touch onboarded it to the cloud account without issue.  I changed configuration to Standard WiFi Subscriber Module and connected it to an E410 access point we have here.  It hasn't reconnected to cnMaestro since changing it into an SM.  I can use the ping utility from within the Force 180 to connect to without issue, and I can access the internet across the radio.  Just no cnMaestro connection.

I'm more than happy to try any alternative ideas!



Ok, now when you onboarded f180 and changed back to wifi, via web gui in force 180 manually type cnmaestro url : and save config. Then see in logs is there any additional information.


Thanks mixig, she worked like a charm after updating the cnMaestro URL!

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