Force 200 continuously connecting and disconnecting on ePMP2000 - both recently upgraded to 4.4

We installed ePMP2000 recently and Force 200. Both working fine on v3.5. Yesteday we upgraded both to 4.4 and the Force started connecting and disconnecting continuoly from the epmp2000. 

Some others are working though .....any help what could be the problem 

Hi Lamin,

Can we get tech support files at from both AP and SM running 4.4?



Are you running a mix of 3.5.6 and 4.4? I'd highly recommend that you run either 3.5.6 on everything (ap and SM's) or 4.4 on everything (ap and SM's)... DO NOT MIX! There are some bugs when running mixed firmware that are being worked out hopefully for 4.4.1.