Force 200 default username and password after factory reset

epmp 1000 force200 lost password. iam reset factory default but wrong user name password

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Connect radio LAN port directly to a laptop/PC and try to access via . Make sure laptop/PC IP also in same subnet
Username-admin & Password- admin
This is applicable for all ePMP radios

after factory reset I am facing same problem wrong username & password. And also I have connected direct from radio POE lan to my laptop but same issue .

Could you explain how the factory reset is doing here? ideally given IP should reachable post reset. If it is not reachable either reset process may not correct or flash may be get corrupted.

Sounds like you had “Retain Passwords” enabled… Under “Tools->Backup/Restore” there is an option whether to keep the passwords in the case of a factory default, it defaults to “Disabled”. If it was enabled on that unit before resetting, and you don’t know the password that was configured, you have a paperweight…

Retain Passwords:

When ‘Retain Passwords’ is set to ‘Enabled’, then after a default of the radio for any reason, the passwords used for GUI and CLI access will not be defaulted and will remain unchanged. This means if the passwords cannot be remembered, access to the radio will be lost and not recoverable. This feature prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to the radio for any reason, including theft. The default value of this field is ‘Disabled’.


You can get around thisbissue with the tftp recovery as it bypasses the configuration and feom this you can push a known good config file to the radio.

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after power on i saw one of the small hole have in the beam so i press & hold it 10 second after that i saw some light was going down & going up and then I remove it the pin.

hallo. did you manage to restore your devices? I have a similar problem where someone has just changed the admin password and enabled retain passwords. WhatsApp me at +254726747256. I will appreciate a lot

hello, mr Douglas please share what I can do to recover my radios. I have several of them not working, contact +254726747256 or mail

You will need tftpd, a simple switch (not a managed switch) and a windows machine.
The tftp recovery proceedures are well documented on here and in the archive information on the downloads section.
You need to extract the recovery image and setup your workstatiin so you can boot up and let the radio find the tftpd server. Do not run dhcp server and you must set your computer ip address statically or it will not work.

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