Force 200 Multi-point

This may be a stupid question.  Can the Force 200 2.4GHz devices be configured as an Access Point and Subscriber Modules to form a Point-to-Multipoint network?  The spec sheet is not really clear on this.  It states only: "This platform can be configured as a Subscriber Module or a high gain PTP radio."  I've done this with the Force 180 devices.  I just want to know if the Force 200's can do the same since they can operate in the 2.4GHz band and the Force 180 is only 5GHz.

It has the option to program as an Access Point or Subsriber Module next to Radio Mode under Radio Configuration.

Software wise you can make a Force 200 a TDD (ptmp) AP.  You will not get any sync.  The dish can be used for ptmp but keep in mind that's a pretty skinny beam (single digit degrees).  If you have two subs inline this is a good solution and I have done this myself.

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