Force 200 PPS

Hi All

What is the maximum packets per second on the Force 200? I need to know the maximum 65k packets possible.

The existing link is using a Force 110, but it is running VoIP and appears to be limited in the number of users by the PPS. I am assuming there will be no PPS improvement from the Force 110 to the Force 200, but there should be an improvement with the Force 110 PTP.



are you having problems with voip quality?   

65k PPS is one hell of a load.     chances are your are exceeding what the force can handle if you are running that high of a PPS.      at 65k PPS, and 300 byte packets, your at 148mbps.  (thats a very small frame for average)    full sized packets  would be 743Mbps, well past what the epmp line is designed to carry.

if your are just having voip quality issues, check the following,   QOS is enabled with voice priority on, the DSCP in the backhauls, switches APs and SMS all match, your voice flow is marked DSCP 46 as well.   also check for pause frames in your switches. if you are seeing a lot of pause frames, to the tune of 1% or more of your total flow, that needs to be addressed and soon.      if your link is just saturated, you need to look at another method, PTP 650, LACP and using two force 200s for example.  if you can post screen shots of your performance screen we can help you further. chances are its not a PPS problem.     the performance screen will show you a weath of information related to the system performance to get the voip issue fixed.