Force 200 Rebooting

Hello all,

Is anyone experiencing some Force 200 that are rebooting themselves every day or a couple times a day? We are tracking two brand new SM's that have 90+ hard reboots after only 1 month of service.

We've already verified we're using the correct POE, the cable is good and linked up at 1 Gig full duplex, terminations look good, etc.

They're running 3.5.6 and just wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue? The two customers say they've only rebooted about 3 times total and that they only notice loss of service for 2 minutes and our logs match up with when the SM rebooted. It shows as a hard reboot instead of soft.

I can open a ticket with the tech support file but wanted to see if others have noticed this.

Thanks all

Is there a crashlog?  From the CLI:  debug crashlog

Does wiggling either side of the ethernet cable (radio side and POE side) cause the radio to reboot?

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We've probably RMA'd 30 units for this exact issue.  Our very first batch of 50 units had about a 30% failure rate for this problem (extremely frustrating).  We tried everything in the book to troubleshoot and it always comes down to a bad radio.  After that first batch of units, things seemed to be much better.  Although I still periodically get a radio here or there that has the rebooting problem again.  So I'd say it's a common problem.

On the ones we have had it sure looks like the problem is with the ethernet pins/connection.  On a couple that were easy to get to all we did was unplug/plug the cat5 in the radio and the problem went away. One ones that are hard to get to we just replaced the radio and when I connected the radios on the bench here at the office they laid there for weeks and never rebooted.  In my shop I'm using one as my internet connection that was removed from an install due to rebooting and it hasn't rebooted on its own since (3 months now).

Really hard to not believe it's the ethernet pins.

At this very moment I'm dealing with a F200 the customer has installed in a tree , they had just had to hire a bucket truck when a storm took out their radio. Brand new radio, worked fine for a day then started rebooting several times an hour. I feel terrible that they will have to pay yet another bucket truck to come out and while I will just replace their radio I'm pretty sure just having the bucket truck operator plug/unplug the cable from the radio would fix the problem.

We've been pulling more of these out of the network with the same problem, but more problematic. Was fine for months, but then all of a sudden starts hard rebooting (loss of power) up to 30 times a day. Fluke tested the cables, replaced the poe, no change.

Replace it with a Force300 and problems go away.

Looks like we've got another batch of Force 200 problems to add to the bad chain issue.