Force 200s Duplicate Ethernet MAC Addresses

I have 2 Force 200 units that have the same Ethernet MAC Address. My cnMaestro instance is having a very hard time understanding it and I too am a little confused. Any idea how this could happen and any idea on a remote solution? So far i have tried rebooting the units but no dice. Doesnt seem like the customers are seeing issues yet so I am letting it sit for now. Attached pics of the Home page where you can see they are different units but have the same Eth MACs


Could you please open the ticket with the Cambium support team?
They will help to fix the issue.
Please add me to CC as well:

Thank you.

May I know is this has been resolved? What is the solution? I'm having the same issue right now.

Upgrading the firmware to 3.5.6 fixed the issue.


Thank you. Will try to do that.

Those units have new OUI range that is supported beginning with 3.5.6 firmware.