Force 300-13/16

Anybody know, are these 2 versions discontinued, or just waiting for a new shipment?

I got the impression the -13 was not in much demand and kind of redundant with the -16, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that one got discontinued. Plus I didn’t like the design of the cable port cover on the -13. But we haven’t been able to find the -16 either.

The bigger ones are just overkill when we’re going between buildings.

End of sales was annouced only for 300-13 which will be replaced with 300-13L or 300/16 :slight_smile:

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OK, we’d prefer the -16 anyway and have some on backorder with a distributor.

There seems to be a whole series of ePMP products with the L suffix, what’s that about? Looks like those are all ROW products not for US/Canada. Something to do with export restrictions and encryption technology? In any case, it doesn’t look like we can buy or use the -13L here in FCC region.

Low cost? I think that’s why they’re not available in the USA… they’re meant for emerging markets.

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Well, our WISP competitors who buy Litestation AC for $65 are kicking our butts on pricing.

But usually Cambium uses the L suffix to designate a light AP with limitations on range or subs that can be unlocked via a license key. Doesn’t seem applicable here.

For us, there wasnt a difference in cost between the -13 and the -16. Even shipping is the same so it made no sense to have the -13.
For the force300 radios, the L denotes a slower cpu and less memory onboard, this makes them cheaper to buy but they are not capable of reaching the same throughput nor pps as the non-L versions.

We also tried out the -19 vs the -25 and found the -25 to be cheaper in the long run.