Force 300-13

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I have an ePMP force 300-13 sm that I’m trying to connect to a ePMP 3000 sector, my question is what is the maximum distance that i can connect a client from with getting a good performance?

There is no clear answer to this question.
It all depends on the terrain conditions, interference in the area, and many other factors. About 1.5-3 km under very favorable conditions

As clear as an answer as your going to get:

Perform a link budget analysis for that radio and that AP-antenna combination. This will give you the ability to figure out how much free air loss you can withstand before it fails to perform. Remember to not use the full rx sensitivity but the rx requirement for the modulation you are calculateling for.

Eg: ap tx power is 27db, antenna is 16db, sm antenna is 13db and power may be as high as 30 (region specific). For mcs15 you will need -68db rx. So total gain would be 27db plus 27db tx 54db at the receiver input amplifier, plus the receiver sensitivity for the mcs would give you a tolerable free space loss of 122db. This is about 4 miles clear line of sight with no obstructions in the first 3 fresnel zones and in the -3db zone of the sector antenna. Realistically you would get 3/4 to half that distance

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Hi Mohammed. It also depends on what you mean by ‘good performance’ too. :slight_smile: For us, we ALWAYS want to get MCS9/MCS9 in all situations if we possibly can. The goal is to always get DS 256QAM 5/6 Modulation.

So frankly, we’d never use a 300-13 if it wasn’t close enough and clear enough to get a signal in the 50’s, and to get DS9’s. If it was just too far and couldn’t achieve DS9/DS9, then we wouldn’t install a300-13 with a DS6… we’d instead use a 300-16, or a 300-25 until we CAN achieve a perfect link.

For simplicity and efficiency - we normally only buy 16’s & 25’s, and then F300c paired with 32+ Db dishes. Our goal is to ALWAYS achieve the best connection we can. There is NEVER a business case to save $15 or $25 on a radio, and to waste a MCS in the process.

Now - that being said - a lot of people would consider a 100 MBit connection “good performance”, and you may be able to get that at a long ways out… and even at MCS4 you might get “good performance”. BUT, you’re essentially throwing more than half your AP away when doing so.