Force 300-13L as PTP

Can I use two (2) Force 300-13L for a Point to Point link? I’ve been trying configuren TDD and ePTP but radios doesn’t associate. Software version es 4.5.2

Yes you can. I’d update the firmware to

The radio’s need to be in ePTP master/slave mode OR TDD PTP master/slave mode. ePTP and TDD modes are not compatible.

Thanks. I mean we tried in ePTP Master/Slave and TDD AP/SM.

Software version is available as an .img file. Can I upload it direct from browser managment, right?

Yes, you can just upload that via the radios web mgmt.

I can’t, it shows this error:

Did you get the one for the F300-13L? It’s located in a different area then the normal F300.

This is the software image I’ve trying to use

Thanks, I’ve downloaded from 300 area, now is in .tar format. Thanks.

I confirmed with @Chinmay_K that these radios can be used for PtP use.



In fact, we updated software version to and works ok as PTP.