Force 300-16 Ethernet Status Down

hello everyone
the issue I’m having is that ethernet status is down on the sm i tried changing the cable but still facing the same issue any suggestions?
best regards…

Hi Mohammed

Have you tried recrimping the RJ45 connectors on the outdoor cat5 cable that links the outdoor radio to the indoor PoE. Or even change the outdoor cable.

If that doesn’t work try to change the POE to a new one

Lastly if all this steps doesn’t work then try replace the Outdoor radio unit.

There are some very simple reasons for the ethernet port to be seen as down.

First, there is a known firmware issue where the port is labled down when it is not. Please upgrade to 4.6.1

Second, make sure the ethernet port is enabled in the config. Remember to hit save.

Third, do you have a lightning arrestor installed? If so bypass it with a coupler to test. These things do just go bad.

Fourth, use a cable tester to test your cables. Use one with an active loopback dongle not a simple continuity tester. Test in both directions and each segment separately.

Fifth, change the psu.

Sixth, change the cable from the psu to your laptop.

Seventh, if using pppoe with nat the the ethernet port may show down until a pppoe session is established. This is not a fault and is not consistent but is a possibility.

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