Force 300-16 - PTP alignment & retransmission

We’ve been struggling with a PTP link using two Force 300-16 radios. I used that production link as a lesson learn/lab for my technicians, given the headache it’s giving to us.

After so many days (we’re testing few changes every once in a while), I came to the conclusion that there is a defect on both radios, not sure if they are physically misaligned with the circuits inside, etc.

I replaced one end with a brand-new radio (same model) and the re-transmission dropped significantly, but, I had to install the radio miss-aligned (I know this is crazy, lateral lobes, etc), so that is why I think there is something wrong with the previous installed radios. I will now replace the other end.

Have anyone experienced something similar?

Many questions arise
What software versions had antennas when it was worse?
Did you change AP or SM?
Have other disturbances in the area not subsided in the meantime?
etc etc.
If in doubt, submit the equipment through the RMA procedure and ask for a replacement.

I’ve replaced both devices, the re-transmission dropped from 30% to 6%. Same model, firmware version (4.7), altitude, orientation, etc.

Are the frequency and channel width set to the same?
Are there other transmitters nearby?

Frequency and channel are the same. Spectrum is clean. I own the tower, have 3 more radios on it, of course using different frequencies. Will proceed with the RMA given that the replacement did fix the issue.

There is a chance that something is bent or dented on those two radio assemblies. These are a bit flimsy for a PTP bracket and the dish is easily dented/warped if handled a bit too roughly.

Not saying your pair arent defective but try swapping the reflector and mount assembly first with a known good one and see what you get.