Force 300- 25/16 PoE support


         This article explains about the PoE which can be used to power on the Force 300- 25/16.


  • When the F300 product was initially released it only supported reverse polarity because we provided (and still do) a compatible power supply with it.
  • Reverse Polarity : PIN 4,5 ­– (Return)  and   PIN 7,8  + (Data)
  • Straight Polarity : PIN 4,5 + (Data)      and   PIN 7,8  – (Return)

  • The product team made a running change around May 2018 in the factory to support both polarities and the specification sheet was updated because of this change.
  • The F300’s which were produced prior to this change can only be powered on using the Reverse Polarity.
  • Here is the how you can identify if your F300 will work with both polarities:

Check 3rd and the 4th letters on the MSN (Serial number of the device) - E6UA02KRCLXX.

  • If the 3rd Letter is either {V,W,X,Y,Z}
  • If the 3rd letter is U and 4th letter is either {E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M}

Devices with other MSNs will support reverse polarity only

Note: Currently, we do not offer any RMAs for the original units for the reason stated above; however, we can use the workaround.


         To power on the older F300 with the Straight polarity PoE brick, cross pin 4/5 with pin 7/8 as shown below:

Note: Disable the auto PoE feature if it is enabled on the switch/Router which you are using