Force 300-25, 80 Mhz

I am writing to ask for references from people who have Force 300-25 equipment operating and working correctly at 80Mhz point to point.

I am about to exchange a pair of Force 200 for the 300 model but I have quite a few doubts if the working mode at 80 Mhz is working well.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your answer

I will work it in a rural area where there is no antenna around, right now with the force 200 in 40 Mhz I pass its maximum performance (300 Mbps) to 21 km.

I will try the force 300 and 80 Mhz to see how.

Sounds good - best of luck. :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what I got on a 80Mhz ePMP 3000/F300 link in 75%/25% TDD mode.
536 Mb download (75%)
191 Mb upload (25%)
706 Mbit aggregate (simultaneous bi-directional test)


Looks like you may use max Tx power … still a Force 300 CSM with a 28dbi antenna (we may use RF Elements adaptor and antenna) is a safer option.

It looks like ePMP3000 vs Force 300 (80mz)…

Force 300-25 vs Force 300-25 reaches only max cca 300Mbit/s Download in 80mhz (FW4.5 used) and 240Mbit/s (40Mhz )in TDD PTP mode