Force 300 25 and 19 Issues

Hi all,
I have a strange occurrence happening with some Force 300 25 antennas and so far 1 force 300 19. The issue I am seeing is found in the monitor —> performance tab with the modulation doing very poorly. For example, installed a customer with a 19 and it performed very well for around 4-5 months where we had them on a 20/20 DL/UL but then the UL and DL modulation started performing very poorly… was not an interference or physical obstruction or alignment issue. Tried a factory reset and still same results. Swapped antennas and bam, back to where it was, curious if anyone else experienced this?


Could you please reach me at fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com?
We would be happy to investigate the issue if you caould send us the radio where the issue is seen.

Thnak you.

Hi Fedor, Sorry for late reply… Are you wanting me to send stats or the physical radio?

I meant physical radio. We’ll do RMA if the issue will be confirmed.

Thank you.

Okay, I received your email, thank you! I can send the 25 asap but the 19 is in production. The 19 SM acted up at one customers location, which ran great for 4 months I believe, then it kept getting stuck in SS9 for uplink. I did a factory reset and redid the settings and it went right back to where it was pre factory reset. Swapped it out for a 25 antenna, didnt have an extra 19 at the time, but the force 300 25 that I put in showed the exact same stats as the 19 did when it was first installed.
So I did conduct another factory reset on the 19 at the office and then put it back into production… seems to be working fine for the new customer but the previous one was not getting their upload as the new customer is not needing a specific upload, just need download.

Hers is what the 19 is doing…


The SM is 2.2 miles from tower, on a farm and has clear as clear can be for line of sight and fresnol