Force 300-25 Channel Polarisation

Wondering on this product which polarisation is Chain 0 - is it Vertical or Horizontal?

This has been beaten to death already. In the force300/e3k radios,it does not matter and is dynamic. The radio will figure it out on registration.

It would be nice if radio 0 was always port 0 and chain 0 but you can have radio 0 on port 0 with chain 1.

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Has it been done to death, I searched and couldn’t find the answer?

I have a chain with significantly less signal in one than the other, on Force 300 SMs it would be nice to know what chain = what polarisation so I can then focus on resolving the issue.


the fact is that the chains are NOT tied to a specific radio and are decided on at boot up. If you have one chain that is weaker than the other then try moving the antenna in only one plane until it changes (good or bad doesnt matter, its a change that matters) on one chain. Then peak that chain. Repeat for the other plane and you are done. In rare instances you may need to rotate the antenna on its look path a few degrees to align with the signal as it may become skewed from lots of trees or from ofset look angles to the AP antenna, but not usually more than 15degrees which the SMs are designed to handle in their normal mounting configuration.

As for your search, the site search has a tendency to focus on exact matches so be less specific and more generic than you would be with google. I found several posts where this has been discussed without too much effort.

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