Force 300 25 NAT mode issue

Hi, I have a force 300 25 not dealing out IP addresses to devices after the antenna. The devices after the force 30 25 are set to dhcp for IP assignment. I have tried disabling and enabling the ethernet interface dhcp and also have tried rebooting the device, soft reboot.

Any help would be great!

Check your client vlan, make sure it is set correctly and that you either set the client IP address properly or have dhcp running on that vlan.

Then make sure that the nat settings are properly set with dhcp enabled and a valid range has been set.

If all else fails factory reset and reprogram from scratch.

Thank you for response… checked everything and it should be working but it is not… it seems random… I did a few, remotely like the one in question, and they worked just fine. Again, I appreciate your response/insight.

Sometimes the config gets screwed and they just need a full factory reset. This clears all configs and wipes the temp files before creating the new config files. Make sure you allow it to reboot before setting the configs, unfortunately its a truck roll but I assume that you have already swapped the radio to get the client up again.

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Thanks again, I will most likely do that. Cheers!