Force 300-25 reverse mounting

Sure would love to have a reverse mounting option on the Force 300-25 radio....  Had to put up a Force 300-16 for a 2 mile shot since we could not aim a Force 300-25.  When the homewoner has a $3 Million house and says this is the J-Bar you are using, well, this is the J-Bar you are using.... The ability to reverse mount would have solved this.


Hi, we don't support this today but I reviewed the photos below with our mechanical team to see if we can make this improvement on future designs or revisions of this bracket.

Thanks for sending as this picture is worth a thousand words why that capability is useful.  Made the conversation easy and the requirement very clear. 

If you or others have feedback on installation issues please advise as we are always looking to improve.

Regards, Bruce


These brackets would be great!!!!!!!


I wonder if it was a just a happy accident that the Force200 is reversible or if it was intentionally designed that way... I suspect it was an accident...

Even the horrible, nightmare bizzaro Force 110 was reversible and it was intentional on that thing so how did whoever designed the the 300 not know this has to be a thing when you have something that is offset ?   

Seriously ePMP , this isnt' the only "basic design 101" thing you have dropped the ball on in recent designs and it's concerning to people who's livelihoods depend on you knowing what you are doing. 

@Bruce Collins wrote: see if we can make this improvement on future designs or revisions of this bracket.

And if all Cambium LED's could be LED's that can be seen by an installer or tower climber outside too please?  When I'm 100' up and I plug in the cable, I shouldn't have to wonder if it powered up or not.


Agree to that, some aspects of the cambium design are very poorly designed or not thought through. Even the new 3000 sector has the bottom door that flops around with little pressure..

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100% agree here.  It's nearly impossible to see any of the LEDs when outside.  It's the small details that distinguish a top caliber product from a run of the mill product.

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I've also made mention to the team but figured I'd add here again for fun.  The bracket does not mount to small diameter structure.  IE: Rohn 25 Legs.  For some reason the Force 300 went backwards in that department also.

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with the LEDs add a little easy to reach the button, maybe a subsurface button just below the LEDs that make them extremely bright.  I mean extremely. to the point, you'll consider wanting sunglasses to look at them. make these last 5 minutes or so.   even better, definable time.  

if a change to the LED may be a pain or not really worth it, maybe consider a blue tooth device that can be magnetically stuck to a pipe mount etc nearby.  let the radios only blue tooth these little fellas or an app for our phones.  it's not a phone so we don't have to worry about dropping something expensive, it's light and convenient and we don't need to handle it to use it.     there are some talented people in the community. I'm willing to bet with some pre-conversations one of us would be willing to develop this little gadget it cambium stuck the blue tooth in the radios. 

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I’d prefer our installers to not need to remember one more gadget on the roof. Make the LED lights super bright for 15 minutes following boot up and then dim them.
OR, better yet, get the management wifi working so we can see real signal meters from our phones connected via wifi to the radio. Isn’t that coming??

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