Force 300-25 Self Reset

We currently have a few hundred force 300-25 sms deployed. Within the last few months, we have had many calls for service with the SM being offline. We discover that they have been factory reset. The temps have been cold with only a few weeks below 0 degrees F. The average night temp has been 10-20 degrees with day temps 20-30. They are all on the same firmware and both new and old SMs. We have also disabled “reset on power sequence” but it still occurs. What could be the cause of this and has anyone else experienced this?

I don’t know what it is in your case - but I doubt it’s due to low radio temps. We have 100’s of Force 300 in the field, and at temps of -50F and windchill of -75F we have zero ePMP temp related issues.

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Hello @Chris_Hubbard!

By any chance did you download some tech support file right after the reset? Did you open a support ticket?

Temperature is not an issue usually. Do you use CnMaestro? Cloud or on premises? Maybe some other loggining system that can give us a clue.

It sounds like major issue so I strongly suggest to open a support ticket, add tech support files and provide as much info about your network as possible.

We use Maestro. I’ve got on SM that does it pretty frequently. We always assumed it was power issues at that location, so we added a UPS. I will have to look back and grab those logs and details and I will open a ticket once that’s done

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Ok. And PM me please ticket number right after!

Force 300-25 Headaches

we have seen many self reset issues that are related to power, one of the most common is failure to secure the ethernet cable to the radio so that wind and other things can not easily disconnect the cable or shake it hard enough to cause intermittent power resets (too many can cause radio to reset to factory),
Other common issues are mains power fluctuations, bad/poor cable crimp/tool worn out, CCA cable!
There is always a chance that it is faulty hardware but that is not as common in the last two revisions as it was.


We had the same issue with a 300-25, “reset on power sequence” disabled as well, it happened so often we ended up thinking there was some sort of hardware fault on the radio and changed it, since it doesn’t happen anywhere else in our network and we have more than a couple of 300-25 link which never showed similar issues; sadly a reset happened again (this morning), a couple of weeks after the substitution occured. Since it looks that we are not the only ones with this problem we will open a ticket to understand what’s causing this.

I don’ thave a solution but we have seen this also. Our config templet we put on every customer radio when it arrives has “default on power sequence” disabled. After several customer radios defaulted (were all on 2 APs we had upgraded to v4.7.0) assumed it was a 4.7 issue and would go away once they were rolled back. Once it happened again, and on at least one radio that I knew never had 4.7 on it I pushed out a templet via cnM to catch any radios that might have it enabled some how because I assumed the radio must have just slipped through the cracks and had it enabled.

However since then I had at least 6 radios that defaulted and seems it was mostly after storms or other events were there were power outages. At first I assumed they must have just somehow continued to evade disabling “default on power sequence” but after the 2nd or third time on a couple of them I was 100% sure they did not have that enabled. I ended up replacing them and the problem was solved.

Haven’t had any in a month or so, not sure if was just a few failing radios or if it is going to be a new thing with ePMP.

I’m just glad we’re not the only ones experiencing it. Since the posting of this, we have made sure cables are secured at the radio with where the tab comes down below the cover. Of those, probably about two of them reset again. It also seems to be after storms for us as well. It is extremely windy here for the first part of the year and it has been raining every day for about 3 weeks (Wyoming). The amount of reset SMs lately is dwindling, thankfully.

Another issue we have had is with the 4.7STA firmware. SMs will randomly disconnect from the AP and there is no reconnecting no matter what you do. The most common error in Monitor Wireless is “Lost AID”. We never experienced that until 4.7. I was just curious and downgraded the AP to 4.6.2 STA and all the offline SMs on that particular AP came back online like nothing was wrong. I know that is a separate issue and I should probably open a different ticket but the mentioning of 4.7made me think about it

We have also had this happen many times, majority is after storms but have had some go back to factory for no reason at all… remains a mystery.

Just had one this week up and factory itself. On, default on power sequence disabled, cable properly secured and on a BBU. Only thing that comes to mind is an ESD event (had lots this past week and half) which may have flipped bits but that is tenuous at best.

Have to say, this is the first one in a very, very long time and we have a lot of f300-25s out there.

I’ve never seen factory reset with power sequence with it turned off on the AP. If its an F300-25 with dual boot images (active and inactive banks) then perhaps it booted up on the second bank due to primary failure. Does that mean that the config is carried over on the second bank? No idea…

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