Force 300-25 Stop Lan Traffic

I will be. Need to either figure out how to get this stable or figure out another BH option. I just loaded the latest 4.6 beta on the epmp 3000 AP want to see how they perform.

Hi can you tell us how the beta firmware performed?

So far the AP is not having any problem on 4.6 R20 beta. We only have a few subs on it so not under any real load. 1 F300-13 and 2 F300-16’s and we do plan on staying straight F300. No lock ups or reboots so far, but its only been a week or so.

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Just and update to this thread:

We are still seeing LAN traffic stopping on FW

It is not as bad or as common but does still happen. We have come to the conclusion that it is power related and the fluctuations in the AC power causes partial lockups. We can not confirm as the radios doe not monitor and commit logs in enough detail for all sub systems.
Adding a line-interactive UPS has for the most case solved the issues for us, customers are not exactly happy about buying another device but they are very happy when the power goes out and they still have wifi.

We have a fair number of SMs on 4.6.1-RC14 now and have not noticed/been called for this issue for a while.

I Have the same issue, 4.6.2 firmware

I have same problem with 4.6.2

I bought the Force 300-25 bass for the reason that I needed to transfer 120 mbps. What is it worth to me if it is Ethernet at 100 mbps.
Isn’t it kind of frustrating when you see a transfer in the air of 250 mbps up
250 down and etrnet can’t transmit it, it associates itself with 100 mbps.
I dismantle you f300 return f200 and it works manages to transfer those required 120 mbps. Same POE power supply same LAN cable same router at the end and LAN associated at 1000 mbps always but always.
Who’s crazy here?
My public statement Cambium force 200-25 is the perfect device that has justified every penny.
Cambium force 300-25 is the most common garbage.

This is still a thing ?
Wow thank the creator we junked all of our ones.

Yes, the force 300-25 are garbage.
For this reason he stopped working with Cambium.


So… I know that different operators have different configurations that may trigger different issues. We have hundreds of F300-16’s and 25’s deployed and we have not had a SINGLE issue with ethernet/LAN port traffic just stopping. Again, maybe it’s something we’re doing differently, but we deploy these radios every day without issue. We’re running 4.6.2 on all of our SM’s. We run bridge mode for clients that need a static IP, and we run NAT mode on 99% of the rest of the SM’s. We don’t use radius, we don’t use PPPoE, we don’t use dynamic/DHCP for the WAN. We control our own caching DNS. We try to make things as simple as possible for the SM and it’s worked out quite well for us.


Hello Eric
You are most likely right and it might work with some elementary settings.
But if the Force 200-25 worked from day one with the settings I need, why wasn’t that inherited in the third generation.
Why wasn’t it raised a step higher? I think it would be a normal path in the evolution and development of hardware.
My normal path in the evolution of the network was that it should be upgraded with the third generation.
To begin with, the same settings and parameters as on the Force 200-25.
It was not a progress but a disaster, not only in my place but all over the world, the number of topics and posts on the forum shows.
Force 300-25 is perfect only if you want to harm the competition, you advise him to migrate to the third generation ePMP.
What’s the latest car with full equipment worth to me, if I can’t open the panoramic roof, I don’t have any commotion and I can open the door to get in and out of the car. You press the pedal to the floor, it pulls and suddenly everything slows down. It slows down almost to a stop and it wants to stop completely and the scale on the speedometer says that it should almost fly. You long for the old man who still did everything perfectly.
It shouldn’t be like that, everything was paid as much as Cambium asked for and I and others around the world expected to make some money with it.
In my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Force 300-25 costs 50% of the average monthly salary.
Please don’t misunderstand me and others on the forum.
I’m not screaming here because I have time and want to harm Cambium in favor of some competitive equipment.
On the contrary, Cambium has very good solutions, and as far as the amount of transmitted bits in the air is concerned, they are the best, but in the third generation they really got tired.
A lot of errors in hardware and software performance.


As people may know - I have my issues with Cambium and their policies and decisions lately. BUT, our F300 situation is the same as Eric’s – we NAT our typical client SM, and SM DHCP’s it’s IP, and DHCPs out local IPs to the client house… and we have zero which stop passing data. (and zero which fail to link at 1 gigabit).

So, I’m not doubting anybody who has this experience - but our typical SM configuration (NAT on F300-16 and F300-25) we have zero Ethernet issues.


We have the same issue Lan traffic stops for no reason at all.
We have 2 ptp links… F300-25L.
Main 20Km to tower
28Km from tower to 3er Tower
and a EPMP 3000L

We solve the issue putting a router between the links

We also notice that the traffic pause for a second and resumes that makes voice call drops

We will change to to f425 both links to try to solve this issue

We have a average retransmisión of 5 to 12%

We make pings from Main AP to last SM and we don’t get drop but we do notice the pauses

We changed most of F300-25 with Ubnts PBGEN2ISOs and later on with 425s and all Ethernet problems at these sites went away.

Cambium should just pull this product off the market as there is clearly something defective with it.

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Thks for your comments

How are de F425 working ? what distance are they apart?


My furthest one is 15 kms away and works pretty well.Hovers around neg high 50’s / neg 60 or so.

The distance you’re aiming at you might be rather looking at F400s and high quality antennas . I would check in with someone like @Eric_Ozrelic or @Douglas_Generous on their builds for long terminations like that.

Hi Simon. I would recommend the F400 connectorized paired with external higher gain antennas. I know that’s more expensive, but it’ll make so much performance difference.

The main speed difference between the F200 and the F300 and the F400 series come because of higher modulations schemes. BUT those higher modulations need better signals and SNRs too.

F200s have maximum DS7 modulation, F300 have DS9, and F400 have DS11 with significant performance gains - but If you install an F300 or an F400 and if you only have enough SNR to achieve DS7 modulation, then they won’t perform significantly better than a F200 did at that same modulation.

So, just gotta get the F400 series signals as good as it can be to achieve those DS11 modulations.


We see this all the time it has something to do with arp in the radio we think. Simple radio reboot seems to clear it.

This is happening for as long as I remember. And Cambium doesn’t seem to care. Their engineers even have been logged into such SM via SSH I provided and found the problem, managed to do something to get it working again without SM reboot, but the fix in firmware didn’t come for almost two years now… This affects elevated and also original Cambium SMs…

We found adding a good UPS helps a lot, but not 100% of the time. Same with hard setting the radios network port to 100FD, it helps but is not all of the problem.