Force 300-25 Stop Lan Traffic

We have a pair of force 300-25!

10km link! Randomly all lan traffic stops!

When restarting the equipment, the traffic returns to normal!

Any idea what it might be?


What version of firmware are you using? This error is normal in the previous versions, in version 4.5 it almost never happens.

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That’s correct, I reported the same issue.!

When there is too much latency on the AP router, it can get frozen and communication will pause on both AP and Station link. Router need to be rebooted.

Or Power sequence may reset either devices too.

Or firmware need to be upgraded to latest version.


Could you please submit the ticket with the Cambium Support Team?

Thank you.

the only way i found to fix this issue is run the radio on 100mbps . This Behavior only happen at Gigabit Ethernet Speed

I’ve been having the same issue when the radios are on 40 or 80 mhz channel, and the traffic gets pretty high .

We had this happen yesterday on a F300-25 backhaul of about 5 miles and had to reboot the slave to restore it. The slave WAS reachable via the wireless connection, so it was rebooted remotely, but the LAN side was basically dead. Has been running solid for months and then it just occurred for no apparent reason. On 4.4.3 but hesitant to upgrade to 4.5.5. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with the “latest and greatest” software versions and from other threads there appears to still be ongoing issues so unless the issue frequency becomes an issue, I’ll watch to see how 4.5.5 pans out.

We have this problem with a F300-25 PTP of 7kms, and with a lot of F300-13L SM connected to ePMP 3000L AP. They are accesible remotely, but the traffic is dead. Both solution need reboot the devices.
All with lastest official versions 4.5.5 and 4.5.2(in 13L)