Force 300-25 transmit power question

I’ve got a few force 300-25 with different TX power and I’m trying to figure out why.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 192717

So there can be a number of reasons why the TX power is lower between radios:

  • Different bands within 5GHz have different EIRP limits, so 5.1.-5.2, DFS, 5.8, etc. all have different EIRP restrictions, and different TX power restrictions depending on the dish gain used. This is also region based, different regions have different rules, although I see your SM’s are set to the United States region.
  • If the AP or master side is configured for TDD, then SM transmit power limits can be enforced, which will dynamically change the TX power on the SM to hit a target. By default it’s typically an RSSI of -60.
  • You can manually change the TX power of the radio, again, up to the band and/or regional limits.

You can check the following article in Knowledge Base.

Thank you.

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