Force 300-25L not recognized in app

Is there any reason that the 300-25L does not work with the app, even the new 2.0 version of the app?

ePMP software version 4.7 and newer has SNMP disabled by default. This breaks cnArcher since it depends on SNMP. Could this be what you are running into?

There will be an update to cnArcher 2.0 beta in June which will add ePMP support and address this issue.

We’ve had this issue for a long time, ever since we’ve started using this particular model of radio, it predates version 4.7, for example this one I am testing right now is running 4.6.2.

Can you please try this with the release Android version (not the 2.0 beta version) and send us the debug logs. You can do this by selecting “Report a bug” from the cnArcher menu.

I’ve created a support ticket with the debug logs since it contained quite a bit of sensitive information (from Cnmaestro)

I’ve attached a screenshot of what it comes up as on the app, the error when pressing start is:
Device model not supported. Code: 58

Thank you, Todd, we are investigating.