Force 300 in AP with 2 SM Force in PTMP

hello read that use the translator. My question is to know if someone managed to place a Force300 as an AP, and managed to generate a PTMP with 2 SM Force 300.
I can't get the 2 sm connected at the same time, since the AP mode doesn't let me connect more than one SM at the same time

Hello. Unfortunately that isn’t possible on the Force 300 family. The Force 300 are designed as SMs or as PTP Master or Slave, but as an AP (Master) it only supports PTP to a single SM.

The previous generations of ePMP 1000 and Force 200 SMs could be programmed in AP mode, and could connect many clients, but that feature was removed in the ePMP3000 and Force300 generation.

The good news is that there is a new ePMP MicroPOP access point, which is lower cost and which includes a built in antenna, so that may solve your need for a lower cost AP.

Hey @pabloastesano please see thread

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