Force 300 PTP mode gigabit ethernet link drops

Buen dia, tengo varios enlaces con Cambium Force 300 en modo PTP, con la firma 4.6.2 y aun tenemos el problema donde el enlace se cae, ya es por menos tiempo pero no deja de ser intermitente, solo utilizando el puerto en 100 mb es estable, pero no es viable esa velocidad, 2 enlaces estan conectados con el poe original cambium a un switch tplink gigabit, 1 enlace esta conectado con poe a 1 switch ubiquiti y el problema es el mismo.

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Good morning, I have several links with Cambium Force 300 in PTP mode, with the signature 4.6.2 and we still have the problem where the link drops, it is for less time but it does not stop being intermittent, only using the port in 100 mb It is stable, but that speed is not viable, 2 links are connected with the original cambium poe to a gigabit tplink switch, 1 link is connected with poe to 1 ubiquiti switch and the problem is the same.

Some of these radios are faulty and will drop. If you have configured the link properly and there is no good reason for it to drop, try another 2 radios and see if it still drops.

Today I replaced a f300-25 ptp link that has been in place for 2 years. I did this because the link will drop for no reason whatsoever, every month or so. IT’s not the end of the world having a link drop once a month but it just shouldn’t drop, and when it does my customer traffic stops while it reconnects.

These radios are good as subscriber modules, and although it says “backhaul” on the box, its my opinion they should not be used in ptp mode for commercial purposes.

Look at the logs and see what the reason for dropping is. Lodge a ticket with Cambium and RMA them if they cannot help you. Do not accept “interference” or the even worse “intermittent interference” as an excuse.

Good luck

a couple of questions first:
is it the RF link that drops or the ethernet port that locks up? This is very important as Riddle has pointed out that there are some units that require RMA out of the box.

We have found that 9.9 times out of 10 if a port is dropping its either a cable issue, a switch issue or you have smart speed enabled.
If you are having RF link drops then look to ensure that the path is as predicted with link planer and that the alignment is 100%. A good side lobe or reflection may give you a strong signal but it also means your not centered to the other half of the link and will find that the link just randomly drops.

we run several f300-25’s as backhaul slaves (e3kL as masters) and do not have issues.

use the logs and find out what is the actual problem and why it drops, if you cant figure it out post both the master and slave logs here and most definitely get Cambium support involved. Download the tech support files from both radios immediately after a drop but before a power cycle of the radio, Cambium is going to ask for these.

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