Force 300 QOS Traffic Shaping

Hi all,

Just wondering why the epmp force 300 has not traffic shaping abilities?  Any info would be great!

Guessing you are running old firmware ? Recent firmware has all the usual stuff under QOS.

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Im running the latest firware for the force 300


Probably for what you are looking for is called MIR(Maximum Information Rate). Please check the following article:

Also I would encourage you to read the respective parts of the User Guide if you would have any further questions.



Thank you for the reply, I have read up on this and ill share what im seeing in my Force 300 19dbi.  As per the link in a force 200 I see that you can disable or enable but you can see what im dealing with... i have update the firmware for the foce 300.   Attached is the screenshot.  Thanks


Is this only available in AP mode?  was hoiping it was supported in SM mode?


You can setup profiles and the AP side and pick the right MIR number on the SM side.

Eg you have MIR profile #1 for 10Mbps and #2 for 20 Mbps. So to limit certain SM to 20MBps you should choose MIR profile #2 in the SM UI.


Perfect thank you.  Another question, we are looking to deploy cnPilots at our subscribers home and I did see the possiblity of just doing the QoS MIR on the subscribers router, is my assumption correct?  Thank you for all your help

I would recommend using MIR on the ePMP as a last fuse by setting it 10% higher than the data plan to avoid issues with misconfigurations in other parts of your networks.


I appreciate that, thank you!!