Force 300 registering issue

When I choose SSID, I wait a long time for it to connect, and sometimes it does not connectd, knowing that the signal is excellent , i have tried with 4.7.0 update and 4.7.1 it is the same problem

Hey @Mohammed_Elbadri welcome to the Cambium forums!

Is this for PtMP or PtP? Are you having this problem with just one client? Does it sometimes connect? Do other clients connect fine?

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What type is Force 300 is this? 300-16 or 300-25 or is it a 300-13L or 300-25L ?

Hello @Eric_Ozrelic yea it’s ptp from equipment to the sector and yes it’s happened more than one time

You say Force 300 – but what specific type is Force 300 is this? Is it a 300-13L or 300-25L by chance?