Force 300 shows up on ePMP3000L Wireless page with IP, but has public IP via DHCP.

Hey all, has anybody else seen this? We're running 4.4.2, and occasionally one of the SMs will show as the IP when viewing the Wireless page.  At first we thought the SM wasn't getting a public IP via DHCP, but we confirmed that it is, and that we can access it even when the AP shows its IP as


Thank you for letting us know.
We will check in the lab and revert to you.
Meanwhile can you please check if the issue persists for 4.4.3 FW version?

Thank you.


Hi Fedor, 
We just upgraded the AP to 4.3.3, and so far the issue has not occurred.  I'll let you know if it does show up again.

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Hello Fedor,
After ~22 hours of uptime on 4.4.3, we are again seeing one of the SMs with the address on the Wireless page of the AP.

Nekomata - we had this behavior on some older non-Cambium gear in the past, and the cause was the client having their router plugged in backwards, so that their router was DHCPing a number out to a different client bridged behind a different SM.  This is probably NOT what you're seeing, but I just wanted to say it out loud, incase it was something similar. :) 

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That is very interesting ninedd, I agree that it is probably not the cause in this case, but we will certainly keep it in mind!  


I can only guess that it somehow tied with the DHCP lease time. It might be that SM is not getting new lease right away and shows fallback And the address is not updated by some reason after it finally renewes the lease.