Force 300 vs force 200 througput

I have a force 200 PtP link running -55dB and 40 snr on a 20M channel, will I get more throughput if I switch to a force 300 with no other variables changing? I don't think I have a 40M channel available. Are there other options?

Yes, we are seeing 120Mbps TDD mode and 140Mbps ePTP mode in a 20Mhz channel for the 300 series. You will see these throughputs as long as interference is low enough that you can reach MCS 9. 

I would agree.  Another option is to use the PTP550.  With asymmetric, non-contiguous channel bonding you can use multiple channels across the 5GHz spectrum and bond them for more effective throughput (e.g. a 20MHz wide channel in 5.8GHz and a 20MHz wide channel in 5.1GHz for an effective 40MHz wide channel).  I would recommend using LINKPlanner to estimate out performance due to the different EIRP levels between the bands.

PTP 550 looks interesting, but much more costly, and uses way more power and 48V, which is difficult in this case.