Force 3000 not connecting well with force 180

Having issues connecting a new force 3000 with force 180’s in the field.

We are seeing good signal strength but low throughput. If I have 5 to 10 subs on the radio throughput is fine. When we get to about 13 subs throughput is 3mbps download per sun at best.

Checked and ensure it’s not a channel issue with other radios.

3000’s are supposed to perform double what a 1000 can do… however the 1000’s I have had up for the last 5 years out perform my 3000 by double. Is this a bug or do they just perform THAT poorly with the force 180? From what I understand these are supposed to be backwards compatible and connect without issue. Thanks for the help.

No, they perform very well. This must be some config or setting issue.

What firmware are you running? We run in the AP and all SMs and have great performance.

Can you post what your MONITOR - WIRELESS screen looks like? Perhaps the signals and modulations have gotten worse when you changed the AP & Sector?


Hi @James_ward,

it is not east to answer without seeing the configuration and statistics.
I suggest to raise a support ticket:
“Submit a request” in the right top. Attach techsupport files from AP and SM on
Our engineer will help to sort it.

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I’ll try to get the config over to this forum when I get the chance. We’ve been running 4.6.1 on the epmp3000 and the force 180’s. Running an update to overnight tonight to see if this resolves the issue.

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As a minimum please check if the AP and SM are not locked to any weird Country Code and the SM has the Frequency Carrier at which AP is operating in it’s scanning list.
Screenshot of Monitor → Wireless page would be helpful as well if you’d like to proceed further with the discussion further over here in the community.
Otherwise Cambium Engineers can pull these data from the Tech Support File and help to resolve the issue through the support ticket.