Force 30019 Spectrum Analyzer

Hi all, I have a Force 300 19 connected to epmp 3000 and when I run the spectrum analyzer it shows the epmp 3000 that it is connected to as a interferer… am I missing something?

Just curious of the auto power of the sm is not actually working? the link is 1.2km away and the transmit power of the sm is 22dbm… seems very high.

Update So I Iet it run longer and and this SM is connected to a north facing sector but now the analyzer can see the east… the east is in a diff frequency… do I not have enough separation between the sectors? I will have to double check link planner as well.

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The analyzer runs on a separate radio thats why you may run it without dropping the link. As a separate radio it will show everything (including the Base Station) as an interfering radio.
Since both sectors have the same WPA Key the CPE will decide where to connect based on several metrics (not only RSSI). If you want the CPE to connect to a specific sector you must use the Preffered AP feature.