Force 400c chain issue

Hi everyone, have a chain difference on a force 400c ptp link that came out of nowhere. Could this be are pigtail or physical issue?



We’ve had this happen a few times. First instance it had the problem out of the box and was an RMA. The other two showed up after running for awhile, and both the pigtails. Appears moisture was able to enter the connection so ensure they are sealed very well and use dielectric grease.

@Riverrat appreciate the reply, will be doing a swap right away. Any insight to which side it might be, master or slave?

@Riverrat would you have any insight to the link has improved on its own? Here are some screenshots to compare to the previous…



Have not rolled to site yet but maybe a misalignment or moisture in tails dried out, have had warm weather for a few days now.

Yes, we had the same exact symptom with a pigtail getting moisture in it. Would run with large chain difference then eventually clear on its own, then return after a rain event. The pigtail appeared to be sealed well, but all it takes is a pinhole . Since we replaced the pigtail and resealed we have not had a recurrence.

Thank you for your reply! So in your instance did you know if it was the slave or the master?

We started with the end showing the imbalance. May have been dumb luck but turned out to be the problem end.

@Riverrat appreciate your reply. Our imbalance is seen on both sides on Chain, we truck rolled and swapped the pigtails on the master and imbalanced was fixed. We just lucked out I guess. Thank you again!!