Force 400c in high noise

Has anyone tested the F400 in high noise? What are the results?


YES! IMHO it’s probably the best 5GHz radio for nNLOS and high noise that Cambium currently makes, and comparable to the legendary (but expensive) PTP670.


We have a F400c link that is side by side (same mast, identical antennas) with AF5xHD - link is 15km - and the F400 outperforms the AF5xHD for noise and obstructions.

However, I find that the info that the AF5xHD interface gives, and the seamless frequency switching makes it SO much easier to tweek and optimized and administer.

But, for noise & obstructions, F400 are better for us.


We currently have 4 Force 400c links in the field for backhaul and 2 of the links are in heavy noise and they work amazing!!! We are very excited for the rest of the AX family to come out, especially 6GHz


Any 30Km link or thereabouts? How about latencies? Wold you guys be kind enough to show us screenshots?

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long-link latencies are much more product of your local environments and their characteristics (especially interference), than the distance itself. You don’t need to worry about 4km or 40km distances at all, the electromagnetic wave travels at a speed where these “distances” play absolutely no role. At all.

While I don’t have 400c links like this, we are achieving 2-3ms latencies on similar 30km, 35km, 50km links with other products and other vendors.

Once again : don’t let the distance scare you. It’s nothing. Think about antennas, signal strength, modulation, interference, shielding your antennas and devices as much as you can if you are in co-located environment etc. Don’t crank up TX power to the max “just because you can” - it’s very wrong attitude. 18dBm is much more than enough for 50km link, together with 33 - 35dBi antennas. We have -53dBm receive signals at 50km links (35dBi antennas, 18dBm TX Power on radio). You can run 80MHz channel at the highest modulation at this signal strength.

Once again, that’s not 400C but it doesn’t change anything : physics are physics, decibels are identical for any radio.
Pay attention to 32km distance limit for 400c. You wrote “30km link or thereabouts”. If you have 28km, it will work for sure. If you have 35km, it might not work due to artifical limits in the radio software (I don’t know what’s exactly causing the 32km limit, I guess it is “physical layer” ACK timing, how long the radio waits for remote side to confirm packet reception).