Force 400c Initializing upgrade issue

Just broke out a pair of 400c radios and one will not get passed the initializing upgrade…

Just sits there… power cycle the unit and i can log in but no go with upgrading the firmware, did one factory reset.

Please advise.

Which image are you using? Did you try some different one?
Did it work before? Does it work with current image?

I suggest to open a support ticket. The engineer will assist you to debug it.

I’m also having the same issues. It’s 5.0.1 out of the box and the first unit upgraded fine to 5.1.3 but the second yet is stuck on “initializing upgrade”.

I’ve rebooted and tried once in chrome and once in edge with no luck.

How do we resolve this?

I have found that switching the Radio Mode ie AP/SM then updating again fixed this issue for me in the past. Hope this helps you!

My 400c was RMA’d so I am not sure of a fix… I have more to upgrade so I will update when I do them.