Force 400C MTU

Cambium really needs to find a way to raise MTU - we’ve got a few locations where 400C/425 could potentially replace some AirFibers but we’ve got clients buying L2 services from us and they require a higher MTU (currently selling them 2000).


What is the minimal MTU that would work for you?
The larger MTU size is coming in the further releases, but I’d like to know if we can deliver something that would work for you sooner.

Thank you.

I would like to see an MTU at least capable of 3000 on all epmp. 1700 is better than 1500 but the larger the MTU, the better.

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We often run a 2000 byte mtu on PTP links. The ability to go larger is always appreciated, though I realize there are probably chipset limitations that need to be worked with.


We’ve got customer services that run at 2000, so ideally, something a bit higher than that to allow for our own network overhead.


Just wondering if there was an update on MTU.


Unfortunately bigger MTU size support is not a part of 5.4.1 release and is still planned for the upcoming FW versions.
Thank you for patience.

Stay tuned!

Thanks, we are still putting AF5XHD links in on segments where MTU is a deal breaker.

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