Force 400c Uplink DS 0

Hi all, have a force 400c link showing uplink at DS 0 and have not seen this before. The unit is running 5.4.1 RC 15 and has a run time of 50 days. I will be trying a reboot shortly but just wanted to see if anyone has had this happen. RSSI -49/-50 and SNR of 46/47, this link has been up for almost 2 years. Thank you.

At this point, this is really old firmware… please update to 5.6.0-RC23.

Thank you for your reply… I am only seeing 5.4.2 on Maestro, is 5.6 RC23 posted in the downloads in the support center?

I think @Fedor or @Chinmay_K can send you a copy.

Okay, thank you for tagging them. Cheers

Hi, let me send you an email to discuss this. Thank you.

Hi all,

5.6.0-RC23 has been released as the Beta firmware today.

Thank you.

Thank you @Fedor @Chinmay_K @Eric_Ozrelic
We initiated a reboot of both master and slave and the uplink was restored to DS11 as it has been since it was installed. I had to wait till our busy hours were over as this is our main backhaul. I upgraded the link via Maestro to 5.4.2 and will definitely look towards implementing the 5.6 RC23 Cheers!

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