Force 425 as epmp3k cpe?

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We are looking at deploying a new site with epmp. Ideally, everything would be ax ready and be capable for the 4k release. So is it possible and does it make sense to run the force 425 as cpe on a 3k sector? Seems like that would be the best way to have a network thats ready to go for epmp4k assuming the force 425 is backward compatible like most of the epmp line?

In 2 words. It is unfortunately not possible to use 425 as CPE with e3K due to the incompatibility of AX to AC,

It will be compatible in TDD mode only. Unfortunately we can not provide any estimated time now. Work in progress…

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If this means PtMP TDD only, then IMHO another fatal flaw – Cambium shooting themselves in the foot again, without even realizing it.

Cambium did the same things with the PTP550 and ePMP 3000/300 compatibility. There should have been no reason not to make a Force300 and a PTP550 compatible in single radio PTP mode, except that Cambium decided to prevent it. If you had made them compatible, think how easy using a Force300 for backhaul would have been, and how easy upgrading one end at a time to PTP550 could have been. But no – we can’t upgrade one side at a time, and therefor if we’re going to have to totally overbuild anyway, then the entire playbook of UBNT and Mimosa and whatever is all open to us. And if a simple upgrade F300->PTP550 path isn’t open to, then why start with a Force300 in the first place? That could have been a gold mine for Cambium and for WISPs alike.

So, if you mean PtMP TDD only, and if you’re telling us there won’t be a way to upgrade our Force300 links to Force400 links one side at a time, then that GREATLY reduces the attraction of the Force400’s again.


@ninedd, PTP550 and Force300 are slightly different products for slightly different applications. No matter they use the same technology. Under the hood they are different.
Every engineering solution is a very complicated balance between technology and economics. It is impossible to do one product that will do everything, stay reliable and cheap.

But thank you for your feedback! We will count it developing F300/F400 features!

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