Force 425 User Guide/Manual

Where is the Force 425 User Guide/Manual ??? I cannot locate it. Is there one? Need to config the channels, but need the user guide.


I’m not sure that there is one. The f4xx radios are no different than any other ePMP radio from a configuration standpoint though. If you’ve ever setup an ePMP radio these are the same.

It’s a little dated, but you can find the F400c/425 user guide HERE. Even though it’s for a much earlier 4.6 firmware release, the basic configuration details are the same. You should update your firmware to 5.6.0-RC26 as soon as possible.

I have a bunch of epmp radios, but the 425 and 550 versions have dual channel configs. There are no instructions I can find on setting up the dual channels. Is it the same as the 550? Why was a radio released for sale without instructions??

The F400c/425 and the PTP550 are very different radios.

The F400c/425 are 802.11ax-based radios that only supports a single carrier. You can find the setup guide for the F400c/425 HERE.

The PTP550 is an 802.11ac wave2-based radio, and it supports up to 2 non-contiguous carriers. You can find the setup guide for the PTP550 HERE.

Hi Eric - how confident are we on the 5.6.0-RC26 as I would like to start a slow migration of our F425 PTP Links. Tried this once previous from 5.1.3 to 5.3 and had some bad experiences. Not looking for guarantees of course - just some general encouragement :grinning: