Force 425s keep failing

I have a pair of Force 425s. This is the 3rd or fourth time we have dealt with this issue. I am going to re-open a ticket, but I am posting here.

Scenario. Backhauls stop connecting via wireless. Side B (the SM) side had a power blip. Can get into both sides. The one side says the signal is a -89. So we think the radio went bad. Replace it with a unit that tests out, and no joy. Replace the other side, and the link comes back. Okay, we picked the wrong side, you think.

This has now happened 3 times. Today, we could slow down and test some of the previous units we pulled down. The unit we thought could have been better before sees items through spectrum analyzer about 20db worse than a new one.

Go out to the tower site and replace the radio, and it only sees the AP at a -89.

Here is what I know.

  1. The power at the SM side is the one that blips each time. Replacing that one first does not change the behavior.
  2. When this has happened, we have not always done the SM side first. We have done the AP side one. It’s the same behavior and no power events on the AP side.
  3. The signal always comes in at a -89. Channel changes, etc do not make it better.
  4. The AP sees the same things at the same levels so I highly doubt it has anything to do with the AP.

I only fix this if I replace both sides. I have looked at the configs in bbedit. Nothing is different. Power levels are good.

It’s almost like there is some super secret handshake. Not much is making sense. Has anyone ran into this?

Hello @j2sw,

sounds bad!
if you already had a chance to raise a ticket, please, pm the number to me!

Does it happen with the same link all the time or locations are different?
Did you pay attention on performance page when it stops working? Is there any odd MCS spread? Like SS only in Uplink or Downlink.

This is the only pair we have on the network. The Client, when it connects, connects to the Ap at a -89. At this signal, it comes and goes. This makes replacement #3. I like to think I haven’t picked the wrong side 3 times.

PM sent