Force 4600C fake info in Datasheet

Hi, big problems,
When i install one ptp link with force4600c, i find that force4600c the max Transmitter Output Power
is 27 dBm, i send many emails to support and after two weeks they say that the info is wrong in the datasheet , Really ???
Everyone know about that?

Hello @Felipe_Benavides ,

for 20Mhz band Tx Power is 28dBm and it is 27dBm for the rest of bands.

The datasheet was released at an early stage of product development. ePMP is modern live product and it is under constant development and improvement.
At some moment we have lowered max Tx Power due to technical necessity and world wide regulations adoption. We believe, it improves stability for DS MCS 11 and should not affect overall performance. As it lowers retransmission rate.
We will fix it in datasheet!

Please, let me know if have any performance issues with your radios!

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Hello, I have a link with a distance of 34 km. I use a 34 dbi antenna, the visibility line is clear, there is no noise, but I did not get a good signal even though I use the Mimosa B11 in the same place, and the signal is very excellent and the transmission is high in bandwidth.

Could you PM me techsupport files?

Mohammed, welcome to the community ! I just would like to say there must be something physically wrong with that installation, because at 34km and with 34dBi antennas on both sides, you must get a brilliant signal. No matter what devices are being used, it’s just physics.

Quick calculation :
free space loss at 34km and 5.6GHz = 138dB (we are talking 5 / 6GHz here, not 60GHz).

TX Power configured on radio : set conservatively at 19dBm to achieve very clean signal
Transmit antenna gain : 34dBi
free space loss : 138dB
Receive antenna gain : 34dBi
coaxial cable loss on each side : if you are not using 50 meters between radio and antenna, it’s negligible so we will omit that in calculation.

19 + 34 - 138 + 34 == -51dBm receive signal

I’ve done a couple of 40, 50 and 60km 5GHz links albeit with non-Cambium devices and they all work fine as expected, pushing hundreds of megabits per second. Even if you have 20 to 40 meters of coax cable between each radio and antennam, and even if that cable introduces additional 2dB of loss, you still should have around -55dB receive signal.

BTW, free space loss at 60km is just 5 decibels more than at 34km… (in general, when you double the distance, you get 6dB more free space loss at this frequency).