Force 4600C or other 6GHz product in PTP mode ? (Force 400c equivalent)

Hi guys, simple question : can two 4600C radios be used as PTP mode identically as Force 400C can ?
If not, would there be any other new 802.11ax product in 6GHz band replacing 400c ?

160MHz channel looks tempting for remote installations without interference.

Big thanks for reply !

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Yes you can im doing it right now


thanks for the reply.

Any details to share, especially the throughput you achieved, what distance, configuration of radio, spectrum scan to judge interference (I guess there won’t be too much at 6GHz) ?

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Just a couple of items to consider:

  • 6GHz outdoor use at standard power levels using an AFC is still not available in the USA/FCC yet. Anyone in the USA/FCC land are using either an FCC OET or STA exemption to run in 6GHz as an experiment. Due to these restrictions, it’s unlikely that someone was granted permission to run a very long link. Furthermore…

  • The proposed EIRP for standard power in the USA/FCC land is 36dBm on both sides of the link. These EIRP limitations along with the SnR needed to achieve 4096QAM severely limit link distance.

  • The F4600c is capable of upto 4096QAM and has an SFP+ port. I have a short PtP link (.25mi) running in ePTP mode 160MHz that can get around 1.8gbps HDX. For this link, 99% of packets are being sent at 4096QAM.

  • You can also use the F4625 to make a PtP link, however, modulation is limited to a maximum of 1024QAM, and the SFP is gig-e capable only.
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Eric, thanks for the info. 36dBm EIRP obviously is a problem, 160MHz won’t be available everywhere because it’s huge chunk of the spectrum etc.
Your result is in line what I was expecting and I’m very glad to hear the internals of 4600c are capable to deliver (cpu, networking, pps capability etc). We achieved little bit over 800Mbps on Force400c, 80MHz channel & 1024QAM.
For distances under a mile, 60GHz would be easier and much more future-proof.