FORCE 4625 - low transmit power

Why is the transmit power so low on our SMs? all are 4625 running 5.7.0 we have tried channels all up and down the band.

Are you running in standard mode or have you changed over to fixed mode yet?

standard… but just changed to fixed and now we get to 10dbm. much better. but why won’t it go to 30?

The AFC limits the EIRP in fixed mode to a maximum of 36dBm. It appears you’re using a F4525 which has a integrated 25dBi dish, so the max TX power is 11dBm (but due to some FCC certification issues, they had to lower TX power by 1dBm. This may be fixed in a later firmware release).

This is why you’re seeing a maximum of 10dBm TX power.

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awesome. appreciate the help.